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Complete Lever protection Harbal Remedies

Liver Cure:- Complete Liver Protection.  A proprietary unani Medicine. 
Introduction:- Protects the liver against various hepatotoxins, promotes appetite & Growth, Useful for treatment of jaundice, fatty liver, alcoholic liver, cirrhosis of Lever, hepetitis-B & Anaemia. Assist with digestion and helps eliminate gastricts & problems, caused due to virul and becterial infections. 

Dosage:- Adult Dose: 10-20 ml twice a day with water.  Children: 5 ml (1 TSF) 
An ISO 9001 : 2005 & GMO Certified Co.  Manufactured and Marketed by  CURE HERBAL REMEDIES

COMPOSITION :- each 10 ml. Contains.  Kasni.      (cichorium intybus) 74 mg Arjuna.  Kasondi.  Brinjasaf.  Jhao.  Indarjo.  Bharangraj.  Bhumi Aswala.  Punermava.  Gudichi.  Darul Hald.  Aamla.  Chitrak.  Widanga.  Harad.  Kala Megh.  Turbud.  Kootki.  Menthi.  Pathri Ghass.  Kharwat.  Saunf.  Zeera.  Zafran.  Tabasheer. Qusht shrin.  Azkhar.  Gulsurkh.  Shahad.  Nabat safaid. 

5 daily activities for healthy life

Lying on your back, bend your right knee into your chest and place a strap, or rolled towel around the ball of your foot. Straighten your leg towards the ceiling. Press out through both heels. If you feel a lower back stretch, bend the left knee, and place the foot on the ground. Hold for 3-5 minutes, and then switch to the left for 3-5 minutes.


 Releasing activity for a few days, allows the injured tissue and even nerve, roots to begin to heal, which in turn will help, to relieve lower back pain. However, a few days of rest can cause muscle weakening, and weakened muscles struggle to adequately, support the spine. People who do not exercise regularly to build, strength and flexibility are more likely, to have lower back pain.


Heat and / or cold therapy helps, to relieve most types of low back, pain by reducing inflammation. Often people use ice, but some prefer heat. Both can be used optionally.


The pain may begin aft…

Home Remedies For Itching Skin

1. Peppermint Leaves:-Peppermint is great for bug bites and itching, as it provides a cool sensation that will give you relief.
how to use it:The quickest, easiest way is to crush the leaves and rub the peppermint directly onto the skin. You can freeze crushed peppermint leaves in ice cubes for a cool double-whammy, as the freezing of ice cubes also helps numb the affected area and reduce swelling and swelling. Always use clean, filtered water.

2. Fresh basil leaves:-Tulsi leaves contain anti-itch compounds called camphor and thiamol. This is my personal go-to trick for bug bites, as it is very quick and easy. In addition, rubbing the leaf on the skin fulfills the inevitable urge to scratch.
how to use it:Crush the leaves and rub directly on the skin.

3. Aloe Vera:- We love aloe vera for every kind of skin irritation. Aloe is perhaps best known for its ability to cure sunburn, but is extremely versatile as it calms the skin and relieves inflammation and irritation. If you live in Southern…

Combat Gallstones Liver Disease

The following natural protocol helps in curing liver disease, besides helping combat gallstones (liver stones).Hydrogenated oils reduce overall fat intake, especially unnatural and toxic fats such as soy, and canola. Natural fats (like butter) are better, but they should still be used in small amounts.Omega-3 supplementation is recommended through flax seed oil capsules.Niacin (vitamin B3) is useful for people with cholesterol or skin problems.Red yeast rice reduces cholesterol, and its active compound is used to make medicines for cholesterol. This is the benefits of drugs, without the dangers, addictions, or expenses. For years, the FDA has tried to block sales of unprocessed red yeast rice and supplement extracts because of competition with patented drugs that are based on the same rice, so that the all-natural rice feature was reclassified as 'medicine' Was It has become a common tactic since the US Congress also forbade the FDA from regulating nutritional supplements, in …

Daily Health Tips

Top 5 Daily Health Tips, Home remedies daily helath tips.  1. Nature has made some rules for us if we do not follow them. So we also have to bear its consequences. Wake up early in the morning, eat breakfast on time and sleep on time, so do we all do this or not. That's why today so many diseases have surrounded us. Neither do we get up from time nor we eat from time.
Food is most important to us, it gives us strength and we are able to do well. But if this worsens then we become ill and lazy. We should have dinner as early as possible. This causes constipation and acidity in our body and sleep is also good. So let's get to the reason why we should eat fast.
Can avoid acidity
Eating food late at night causes acidity in the body, which can lead to heart related problems later. Eat as much as possible two hours before bedtime. And take a light dinner that is easily digested.
Keep enough distance between sleeping and eating
You will not be able to sleep properly after sleeping immedia…

Keep your heart strong by changing food habits

Heart diseases are a group of many diseases. Blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol level and stress are the common causes of damage to the blood supply vessels (vessels). There are 60 types of heart diseases, but they are prominent in-

Heart artery disease: Damage of the arteries that supply blood to the heart.Angina pectoris: Chest pain, stiffness and discomfort due to insufficient blood supply to the heart.Cardiomyopathy: weakening of blood pumping heart muscle.Congenital heart disease: congenital defects in the design and functioning of the heart.Cardiac arrhythmias: The heart starts beating fast (tachycardia) or slow beating (bradycardia) due to irregular electric impulses.Congestive and heart failure: Heart attacks when the heart does not pump blood with capacity.Atrial fibrillation: heartbeat and filament mess due to rapid electric impulse.Heart inflammation: Heart tissue damage due to viral infection.Myocardial infection: Heart attack due to blood supply being stopped to th…

Home remedies for high blood pressure to normal immediately

There are some foods that are helpful in reducing your blood pressure so that you have to consume less medicines. If you do not want to let your blood pressure rise above the danger level, then include these substances in your diet from today.

Vegetable proteins found in it keep you away from high blood pressure and at the same time the vitamins and folic acid found in it are good for your heart health.
Green beans
Green beans have a direct effect on your blood pressure and are helpful in keeping blood pressure levels normal. They are helpful for your body in three ways, they also contain vitamin C, fiber and potassium which probably have the most direct effect.
Although it is always advisable to eat oranges due to the amount of vitamin C in the orange, vitamin C is found more in per gram papaya than in the orange. In addition, it contains other vitamins and minerals, including amino acids and potassium, which are helpful in maintaining normal levels of blood pressure.