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Coronil, the first ayurvedic medicine to treat corona, Ramdev claims patients will be cured in 3-15 days

Yogguru Ramdev's company Patanjali Yogpeeth has today launched the drug to treat the corona virus. While launching this medicine, yoga guru Ramdev said that we have prepared the first clinically controlled Ayurvedic medicine which is based on research, facts and trials. Ramdev said that we have done controlled clinical case study and in the results that we have got, 69% patients were cured within 3 days while 100% patients were cured within 7 days.

Corona's first Ayurvedic medicine
The drug that has been launched by Patanjali is named Sashari Vati, Coronil. Coronil is the first ayurvedic medicine designed to prevent corona infection based on facts and evidence. This drug has been prepared by Patanjali Research Institute and National Institute of Medical Science, Jaipur. Patanjali's team of about 500 doctors worked continuously for the last several days to prepare this drug, after which the results have been revealed.

100 percent positive result
Coronil drug has been tried on patients of Corona in Delhi, Ahmedabad, Meerut and other cities and its results have been positive. Swami Ramdev said that in clinical trials, 69% of corona patients were cured within 3 days, while within 7 days all 100% of patients are cured, ie the result of this medicine is 100%. After taking this medicine, the patients got corona test negative. Let us know that the clinical trial of this drug has been done after the permission of the Clinical Trial Registry-India (CTRI). It is the first Ayurvedic medicine designed for patients with corona. The 35 Corona patients who were not given this drug during the trial did not have a negative test.

What is medicine made of, what is dose
Swami Ramdev has claimed that not a single patient died during the trial of this drug, which was given this medicine. We achieved 100% results in 7 days. This medicine is prepared by mixing Giloy, Ashwagandha, Tulsi and other minerals and elements. The coronil medicine kit consists of two tablets while one drug is in the form of liquid, which the patient has to take. This drug has helped the patient to fight the symptoms of corona, fever, cough and cold. Also strengthens the resistance capacity. In this medicine kit, 3-5 drops of egg oil are to be put in the nose, two medicines are to be taken in the form of tablets 3-3 thrice a day.

What will be the cost
Talking about the price of Coronil medicine, the price of this kit is Rs 545. Initially, this drug will be provided to all Patanjil stores in the country within a week. Also, Ramdev said that from next Monday i.e. June 29, an app will be launched, through which this drug can be purchased and orders can be booked.
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