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Effective homeopathy in every disease

There are effective treatments for many mental diseases in homeopathy. Homeopathic medicines can be taken from a qualified doctor to diagnose various symptoms of mental diseases.

Due to irregular lifestyle, the number of mental patients is increasing. Symptoms of these mental patients such as sleeplessness, fatigue, complaining of pain in head, chest and abdomen, loss of appetite or excess weight, loss or weight gain, feeling of dissatisfaction at both physical and mental levels in married life etc. Huh.

* Aconite Naples 30- The use of the medicine provides comfort to those patients who feel restless, fluttering, fear of walking and fear of death all the time. This medicine is also used for such patients, who feel strong thirst, feel indigestion, but feel cold as soon as they take clothes off. Sweating, rapid pulse, and skin staining are also seen in these patients.

* Aurum Mat 30- The medicine is useful for those who are depressed and lethargic from life. Such people also have a strong desire to commit suicide. Such a patient questions the question, does not stop even a moment for the answer. The patient also cries often. Such a patient talks about religion and prays in the same form.

* Arsenic album 30- The drug should be used for patients who feel restless, body ache and extreme thirst. The disease of these patients usually progresses after midnight. These patients change sides all night. Hot water comes out from the nose of the patient, sweating and thirst of some water is also felt. Such a patient is always restless and also physically weak.

* Natrum Muer 200- The medicine is effective in such symptoms in which the patient starts crying and crying even on trivial matters. This drug is beneficial in case of symptoms such as weight loss even if you eat well, a headache as if someone is hitting a hammer on the head and feeling as if there is a hair on the tongue.

If such a patient is elderly, he remains depressed and weeping. They become more sad after explaining. Such patients wake up from sleep and start walking. They have a strong desire to eat sour and salt.

* Ignisia Amara 200- is given to patients who are depressed and heartbroken. These patients do not say anything to anyone and prefer to be alone and silent. These patients sometimes laugh and sometimes cry. Tobacco smoke causes such patients headaches. They feel empty even after eating a lot.

* Staphysagria 200- Medication cures patients who are always excited, irritable, angry and dissatisfied. There are other symptoms like being humiliated by someone, thinking of the same phenomenon again and again, ejaculation, talking and thinking about sex all the time.

* Nux vomica 200- The medicine provides relief to those patients who are angry, jealous, discordant, lean, alcoholic and lazy. Such patients suffer from piles and constipation.
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