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Be healthy 20 formula


1. A small and easy change in the routine can make you healthy and longevity. Provided you take some things for life and remove some discarded things forever. For this, adopt a simple 20-point life.

2. Get up every morning (5 o'clock) before sunrise and go for two or three km walks. Start the day with sun worship. This will awaken a power that will give freshness to the mind and heart.

3. Always keep the body upright, that is, if we sit, weighed, if we walk, we should keep the body tight.

4. Try to make health by eating. The best way to do this is to chew the food always by chewing it so that the digestion is good, it will not cause any problem.

5. The main cause of obesity is oily and sweet substances. It increases fat, laziness and lethargy in the body. Consume these substances in limited quantities.

6. Renounce heavy-heavy food or non-digestible food. Even if you have to do this, fast one time and balance it.

7. Make a habit of reducing the use of the vehicle by reducing its attachment. Walk for short distances as far as possible. This will exercise muscle, which will make you stay healthy and attractive, as well as help protect the environment.

8. Use more and more fruits and vegetables in food. Obtain essential oil elements from them, get essential oil for the body from natural substances only.

9. Do not let sluggishness come to your mind, keep a desire to do the work promptly.

10. Do the household tasks yourself - These tasks give fruits of many exercises.

11. Busyness is a boon, it is a free medicine of longevity, keep yourself busy.

12. Wear clothes to suit your personality. Wear some tight clothes, this will keep you fit.

13. Life is the name of walking, mobility is life, always remember this.

14. Have a sense of dedication to the goal, purpose and work in your life.

15. The beauty of the body lies in its cleanliness. Take special care of it.

16. Must do enlightenment in morning and night. Also, take a bath before sleeping and change your clothes. You will feel freshness.

17. Each organ of the body respires through the pores. That is why at the time of sleeping, wear clothes that are fine, clean and minimal. Cotton clothes are the best.

18. Always keep hair at bay. Use oil regularly in your hair. Keep hair short, clean, clean unnecessary hair.

19. Make sure to take time to visit your deity regularly. Regardless of any religion, you must pray to God according to your religious system.

20. Due to anger, beauty of body, mind and thoughts ceases. Avoid loss of your physical energy by remaining restrained in moments of anger.

Humility of mind and speech can lead to humiliation on many occasions. Therefore, keep restraint in speech and seek affection from others, not hatred.

Alternet Be Healthy. 

1. Drinking water in a sweat, sitting in the shade and eating more air, causes pain in the chest and head.

2. Drink some water during meals, do not drink too much water after meals.

3. The person working for the day's meeting should roam in the morning.

4. Drinking water of water causes diseases like TB, cough and asthma.

5. If there is water in the stomach, then take two spheres of coconut water daily.

6. Women should consume more grapes especially.

7. Mix the gram flour in the yogurt and rub it like a boil, the smell of the body will be fragile.

8. When the breath becomes bloated add desi ghee to the curd curry and eat for a few days.

9. To get rid of blood, drink a paper lemon squeezed in sugar syrup.

10. When eating glass or kankar, take Isabgol husk with hot milk for three times.

11. The heat does not cook, so tie hot cream (as hot as you can bear).

Healthy Tips. 

In the new year, everyone must have taken an oath to do and get better, but health should not be hindered by the fulfillment of all those pledges, for this you will have to adopt proper diet and proper exercise in the new year.

Health expert Tracy Anderson has given some such excellent tips for staying healthy in the coming year: -

Be honest about attaining the desired health: First of all, you have to honestly identify what health you want and where your current health is in that direction. You will then have to adopt prescribed health-providing exercises.

Exercise five to seven days a week. If you do not exercise on any one day, then you will be busy and your weight will increase. We need to get accustomed to taking care of our body.

We spend five minutes every day caring for our teeth and the teeth are much smaller than the rest of our body. Therefore, if the teeth take five minutes, then the whole body should be given 30 to 60 minutes.

Adopt proper diet and exercise together: If you want to lose weight, then you have to train yourself for exercise, as well as adopt proper diet. Avoid processed foods and consume natural foods.

Make a list of your favorite songs for exercise: Everyone likes to listen to songs and everyone has their favorite songs. These songs can be very helpful for you while exercising, so make a list of your favorite songs and exercise while listening to them.


Drinking water in sweat, sitting in the shade and eating more air, cause chest and head pain.

* Drink some water during meals, do not drink too much water after meals.

* The person working all day's meeting should roam in the morning.

* Drinking cold water causes diseases like TB, cough and asthma.

* If there is water in the stomach, then take two rounds of coconut water daily.

* Women should consume more grapes especially.

* Mix gram flour in curd and rub it like a boil, the smell of the body will be unpleasant.

* On exhaling, add desi ghee in curd curry and eat for a few days.

* To get rid of the heat, squeeze a paper lemon into the sugar syrup and drink.

* When eating glass or glass, eat Isabgol husk for three times with hot milk.

* Do not burn the wound, so tie hot cream (as hot as you can bear).

More Food Fruits Tips:- 

1. They will have hair healthy - empty stomach drink a glass of water, with flaxseed. By drinking this, the body will get plenty of omega 3 and the hair growth will be good and fast. Eat one gooseberry every day. Women can use Amla oil to make hair shiny. Soak five almonds in water every night and eat them in the morning with peels. This also makes hair stronger.

2. They will brighten, Vitamin A is mainly effective for removing face-wrinkles. Vitamin A is found in plenty in sweet potato. Due to which the skin becomes clean and smooth. Tomato keeps skin healthy. Tomatoes contain vitamin A, vitamin C and potassium. Eat two or three tomatoes per day. Also eat half a cup of chopped fruit or fruit salad.

3. Gardening Tips- You can plant some special types of plants to remove the pollution present in the house. Palm tree is a very good plant that you can plant in your living room. It fills new freshness in the house by removing polluted air in the house. You can easily decorate this tree near the couch or bed. It would be even better if they are placed near the window.

4. Food Fact-Torai is a healthy vegetable. It is low in saturated fat and calories. It is rich in dietary fiber, vitamin C, riboflavin, zinc, magnesium and manganese. It contains high amount of beta carotene which is very beneficial for the eyes. Its juice is good for the digestive system.

8 important Knowledge. 

1. Do not take your medicine with cold water.

2. Do not eat heavy food after five in the evening.

3. Drink more water in the morning than at night.

4. The best time to sleep is 10 am to 4 am in the morning.

5. Do not sleep or lie down immediately after eating food.

6. Listen to the phone call with the left ear.

7. When the mobile phone is being discharged at all, do not listen to the phone at that time because the radiation is 1000 times more.

8. Do not call or receive from the phone charged. At that time, radiation comes out more.

Keeping these things in mind will never be sick

Fruit juice, more ghee oil items, more sour, (Matta should not be eaten at night)

Ghee, oily things should not be drunk immediately after eating, rather after one and a half hours

Walking briskly after meals, do not run, go for a walk after resting after some time

Do not drink water after walking in strong sunlight, after doing manual labor, immediately after defecation

Do not sleep on the head, wearing a cloth on your feet, even on cold days

Extremely fast or low light reading or TV Or should not watch the cinema

Avoid using hot, cold, chilly masala

A cap, or cloth, and eyeglasses must be applied to the head when coming out in the hot sun

Put cold water first when burnt by fire or any hot thing

Note- If you take care of even one-tenth of the things you eat, you will never fall ill. You will be long-term and healthy.

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