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Combat Gallstones Liver Disease


The following natural protocol helps in curing liver disease, besides helping combat gallstones (liver stones).

Hydrogenated oils reduce overall fat intake, especially unnatural and toxic fats such as soy, and canola. Natural fats (like butter) are better, but they should still be used in small amounts.

Omega-3 supplementation is recommended through flax seed oil capsules.

Niacin (vitamin B3) is useful for people with cholesterol or skin problems.

Red yeast rice reduces cholesterol, and its active compound is used to make medicines for cholesterol. This is the benefits of drugs, without the dangers, addictions, or expenses. For years, the FDA has tried to block sales of unprocessed red yeast rice and supplement extracts because of competition with patented drugs that are based on the same rice, so that the all-natural rice feature was reclassified as 'medicine' Was It has become a common tactic since the US Congress also forbade the FDA from regulating nutritional supplements, in lieu of similar abusive behavior.

Incense is later used by the liver to make vitamin D-3, which converts the high amount of cholesterol stored inside the skin, into vitamin D2. Therefore, sunlight helps in many ways. This dramatically boosts the immune system.

Do the exercise. No explanation should be required.

(Available as a supplement) Milk thistle is a liver tonic.

Also, all soy is now genetically engineered advised that.

Vitamin C makes cholesterol more water soluble, allowing a body to eliminate excess excesses.

The solubility of turmeric bile increases.

Regularly drink apple cider vinegar, lemonade, or apple juice. Supplementing several tablespoons of apple cider vinegar per day is best.

Castor oil transdermal pack neutralizes inflammation. A rag should be soaked in pure, cold-pressed castor oil that is previously obtained from a health food store. The excess must be squeezed out just before use. Next the rip should be placed on the bare skin above the limb. Put a piece of plastic on top of the tile. The hot water bottle should be heated as long as possible, so long as the patient can tolerate it. If the person is numb by drugs or otherwise, use some common sense to help the person to get a proper level of heat. This transdermal system should remain in place for a minimum of 30 minutes, and doing this daily would benefit most patients. It is also recommended that some of the castor oil run down on the furniture or floor, because the immediate area under the patient, also be covered in plastic.

Licorice is another liver tonic.


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