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Daily Health Tips

 Top 5 Daily Health Tips, Home remedies daily helath tips. 

1. Nature has made some rules for us if we do not follow them. So we also have to bear its consequences. Wake up early in the morning, eat breakfast on time and sleep on time, so do we all do this or not. That's why today so many diseases have surrounded us. Neither do we get up from time nor we eat from time.

Food is most important to us, it gives us strength and we are able to do well. But if this worsens then we become ill and lazy. We should have dinner as early as possible. This causes constipation and acidity in our body and sleep is also good. So let's get to the reason why we should eat fast.

Can avoid acidity

Eating food late at night causes acidity in the body, which can lead to heart related problems later. Eat as much as possible two hours before bedtime. And take a light dinner that is easily digested.

Keep enough distance between sleeping and eating

You will not be able to sleep properly after sleeping immediately after eating. Because your stomach is full of food and our body is digesting it. At that time, our digestive system is disturbed by sleeping. So keep a gap of one to two hours before sleeping.

2. Our today's lifestyle has forced us to eat junk food. But the consequences of this junk food are many. To avoid these side effects, you need to consume some detox food regularly.

1 garlic

Due to its antiviral, antibacterial and antibiotic properties, garlic is also considered very good as a detox food. Garlic contains a chemical called allicin which increases the production of white blood cells and helps to flush out toxins from the body. So include garlic in your diet.

2 green tea

Indians do not have a day without tea. The antioxidants in green tea protect your liver from many diseases. So get into the habit of drinking green tea.

3. Moroccan Mint Green Tea

Moroccan Mint Green Tea is a delicious drink that is consumed daily by the people of Morocco. It is also low in calories and is made by dry tea leaves. It is made by soaking green tea in mint leaves. It works like a pain relieving medicine and is full of elements that give peace. Mint Chest irritates the problem of digestion. It is also effective in collecting blood or causing headache. It is full of vitamins and beneficial for the body in many ways.

Dragon Well Green Tea

Dragon Well Green Tea is one of the most famous green tea in China. It is smooth and has a good test. It increases digestibility and helps burn fat. The anti-oxidants present in this tea reduce cholesterol level and blood pressure as well as reduce fever and other bacterial and viral infections. If you are suffering from cold, fever, then this tea can provide relief.

Guukuro Green Tea

This green tea is mainly grown in Japan. The leaves of this tea are small and green in color. This tea is very healthy and helps in the treatment of many diseases. Its biggest advantage is that it contains polyphenol, which is helpful in preventing cancer. By controlling your blood glucose, it also reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Guukuro tea is available in the form of scattered dried leaves at stores. It contains caffeine, so if you are pregnant or breastfeeding a baby, do not consume it.

Sencha green tea

Sencha Green Tea is a Japanese flavored tea prepared by reduced processing. It contains an excess of anti-oxidants, which protects cells and tissues from free radical damage. It reduces blood pressure and keeps heart disease away. Its smell also keeps away the bad smell of the mouth. You can use its cardamom flavor to remove the bad smell of the mouth. This includes 9 methods of naturally removing the bad odor of the mouth.

Macha green tea

Macha green tea is made by grinding the leaves of tea into fine powder. It is healthier than other green leafy teas. It is rich in anti-oxidants and other minerals. The amino acid L-tannine is a fragrant substance whose aroma gives you a nice feeling. It contains excess of chlorophyll II which relieves the addiction. Adding cardamom to this green tea powder kills intestinal worms.

Hauzicha Green Tea

Hauzicha Green Tea leaves are brown and crusted. It is also a low caffeine drink. You can drink it before bedtime, it will make you sleep better. Additionally, it contains anti-bacterial and anti-viral ingredients that protect against heart disease. Organic Hauzicha Green Tea can also be ordered from Amazon.

Bancha Green Tea

Bancha Tea flavor is fantastic and it is also easy to make. It also has low caffeine content, which is high in polyphenols like catechins. It increases your mental alertness. It removes oral infections like cavities. Adding black pepper to green tea increases immunity and keeps infections away.

Things to remember in mind

Tea made from bottle tea is better because it contains more anti-oxidants.

Traditional tea may contain pesticide residues, so organic tea is a good option.

These teas have less useful anti-oxidants due to less caffeine. If you want a high amount of caffeine, you can take Hauzicha and Bancha Tea.

4. We all know many qualities of honey, but do you know that if you include honey in your diet, then your weight can be reduced to a great extent. According to a research, consuming one teaspoon of honey every day before sleeping reduces weight and does not cause weakness.

How does honey benefit?

According to McNness, many of us adopt thousands of ways to lose weight, which often make us weak. In the first few hours, when we sleep, the body has the most fat burn. Therefore, take honey instead of sugar before sleeping and if you drink honey with water, there will be more freshness.

The benefits of honey are significant for the body. But you need to keep a few things in mind:

Take honey instead of sugar: Consuming honey instead of sugar is more beneficial. Do not take artificial sweetener, honey is natural and it also provides great benefits. Add honey to the tea as well.

Do not eat junk food: Do not eat junk food, it contains a lot of calories which the body is not able to burn and burns.

Stay away from fast food: Reduce the consumption of pasta, maggi etc. It contains maida which increases the blood sugar in the body and then you are left with six in reducing it.

Think fruit intake: Many fruits have the properties of increasing the amount of blood sugar because they contain more glucose. In such a situation, if you are on diet, then consume fruits also thoughtfully.

Keep distance from potatoes: Do not consume potatoes during diet. There is a lot of carbohydrate in it, which causes obesity in the body.

5. Do you feel that your body is not as strong as it should be. You also want to be strong like those who are very strong and never bother with their health.

To do this, you must first know what is the reason for your weakness, due to which reasons your body is not strong. Following are the reasons why the body is not strong

1. Lack of change

Sometimes your daily routine makes your body weak. Workout in the same way for years does not make your body as strong as it should be. For this, keep changing your workouts and exercises in 6-6 months

2. Not working properly

If you do not work properly or do not do workouts, then your body strength will decrease.

3. Wrong Environment

Sometimes the problem occurs even if the environment is not suitable for your body. Lacking the right trainer or teaching you the right fitness tricks makes your workouts and gym useless and your body does not become strong.

4. Target Shortage

If you do not think of progress, it will not be found. Make your goal about strengthening the body. Exercise the same method and try to stay fit.

5. insufficient recovery time

There is a problem even if the body is not given adequate recovery time. Any type of muscle problem should take rest for at least 48 hours.


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