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Get long life by fasting

 According to Ayurveda, "Langhanam Mahaaushadham" means fasting is a medicine which is not found anywhere in the world. By this, the body is purified by removing toxic substances. Due to this, diseases do not bother days and get long life. Fasting is done to improve health while fasting is done from the point of view of spirituality. In the process of fasting in Naturopathy, a person is put on one type of food such as fruit or liquid diet etc. to remove toxic substances from the body.


During fasting, blood circulation is repaired by detoxification and the hair remains black. Skin glows, body temperature remains normal and diseases like acidity, rheumatoid arthritis get relief.

Who can

Although any person can do it, but pregnant women, elderly, weak people, kidney and heart patients, diabetes and thyroid, ulcers and acidity do not fast. During a fast, when a person keeps fasting without eating or drinking for a long time, slowly the carbohydrate is first eliminated from the body, then fat and protein start to decrease and ketones increase, thus it is necessary to end the fast. it happens.

How long are the fast

According to the disease, fasting can also be for two, three, five, six to seven days or more, such as a three-day fast is given to the patient in case of fever. In case of obesity, a person has to refrain from eating fat. Fasting days in such a manner depend on the current state of the person.

Take care

Every person has his own physical ability, so before fasting, please consult the expert. During this time, drink plenty of water and take regular urine etc. Do not fast unless you wish for yourself. Do not eat fried and roasted food immediately after the end of fasting, it may cause acidity and indigestion. -

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