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Home remedy to remove semen deficiency and thinness

In the state of physical and mental imbalance, semen inside the body is unable to form or remain semen and due to this, the body becomes weak, depressed and idle. In such a situation, if semen is formed then it can be made thin or without Venus, which we call lack of semen.

What are the reasons?
There are many reasons for semen deficiency. Such as masturbation, excessive sexual intercourse, not taking proper care of food, dreaming, weakness, mental weakness, worrying etc.

What are the symptoms?
Symptoms of always being depressed, lack of mind in any work, lethargy, weakness, disability and mental weakness are seen in lack of semen.
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what not to do ?
Stop hot pepper spicy foods and meat, eggs etc., masturbate, watch porn books and movies, bidi-cigarettes, hashish, opium, tea, alcohol, excess gold etc.

1. Chob sugar: Boil chob sugar in milk and eat 3 to 6 grams morning and evening with Masti, Cardamom and Cinnamon, the deficiency of metal (semen) is removed.
2. Chhoti Mai: Eating 2 to 4 grams powder of Chhoti Mai in the morning and evening ends deficiency and weakness of the metal (semen).

3. Guruch: Eating half to one gram powder of Guruch with honey in the morning and evening is beneficial.

4. Gunja: Cook 2 grams root of Gunja in milk and eat it before dinner every night before eating, all the diseases of semen are eradicated.

5. Gulaskari: Eating 6 grams to 10 grams of root of Gulaskari with sugar milk mixed with milk in the morning and evening ends the lack of semen.

6. Asparagus: Taking 10 grams to 20 grams of asparagus powder with sugar and milk and drinking it in the morning and evening, the thinness of metal (semen) is erased.

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7. Cirrus: Eating 1-2 grams of powder of cirrus seeds with cow's milk mixed with milk in the morning and evening provides relief. Grind equal quantity of bark and flowers of albizzia lebbeck benth and take one spoon of it with warm milk twice a day for 30 days, thicken semen and increase the masculine strength and increase sperm count. Mixing 2 grams powder of albizzia lebbeck benth seeds, double sugar and taking it with hot milk daily in the morning and evening makes the semen very thick.

8. Makhana: Eating equal quantity of Makhana kheer ends the lack of semen.

9. Dry grapes: Eating dry grapes increases the metal.

10. Date palm: Boil date palm equal in milk and eating it increases semen.

11. Kalombo (karani): Eating greens of kalambo (karani) every day removes the deficiency of Venus and shows immediate benefits.

12. Kahu: Semen thickens by eating 1 to 3 grams of powder of Kahu seeds with sugar mixed milk in the morning and evening.

13. Onion: Taking equal quantity of onion and ginger juice with honey every morning and evening brings back the lost youth.

14. Hatha Jori: Eating 40 grams to 80 grams of mixture of panchang (root, stem, fruit, flower, leaf) of haptha jori in the morning and evening ends semen deficiency and semen weakness.
15. Urad: Grind urad dal and add salt, black pepper, cumin, asafetida, garlic ginger etc. and fry it in ghee and mix it with curd and eat. Semen increases.
16. Shilajit: By dissolving small amount of cow's milk and eating it twice a day for 2-3 months daily, weakness of metal (semen) and other diseases goes away.
17. Cinnamon: Applying 3 times olive oil in cinnamon oil and applying it on the penis brings back manhood. Take care that there is no cold water on it. Cinnamon powder after taking one spoon of food with milk 2 times daily is beneficial.

18. Amla: Eating a large gooseberry marmalade daily brings manly strength.

19. Date: Eating dates with hot milk daily increases semen within a few days.

20. Saffron: Eating saffron in milk for a few days ends premature ejaculation.

21. Bell: Grind the bark of vine root with cumin and mix it with ghee and drink it in the morning and evening to remove thinness of semen. [Health desk]
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