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Right way to drink water

 As soon as the heat starts, the body starts feeling more in need of water. Very few people know that there are certain rules for drinking water too. If water is consumed in a manner we can get more benefits.

1. Never drink water in excess. Sip and drink water. By this, the juice secreted from the glands of the tongue, combined with water, reaches the body.

2. Drinking more water than usual is beneficial in some diseases like fever, feeling of heat, constipation due to blood pressure in urinary tracts, stomach irritation etc.

3. Drinking water in between meals can cause disturbances in the digestive system. The juice we get from food, along with drinking water reduces their benefits.

4. Drink water half an hour before meals and consume water one hour after meals. One glass of water should also be drunk before sleeping.

5. Avoid keeping anhydrous fast, it may increase blood pressure, dehydration and heartbeat. Do not drink water after consumption of greasy foods such as milk, cream, butter, desi ghee, nuts, roasted gram, fruits and sweets etc. This causes fear of cough.

6. Do not drink water even after cucumber, cucumber, watermelon, melon, water chestnut as it contains a lot of water. Drinking water after these can cause cholera risk.

7. Do not drink water immediately after coming out of the sun, do not drink water even after much physical exertion and exercise because at that time heat is produced inside the body. -

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