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The ShorterLife official Website, For your life style change in the situation, from big illness such corona, COVID19, etc. 
So, Basically, This site is made ,getting better information about your health. Like healthcare medicine, meditation, yoga, diet, healthy Food, etc. All about ayurvedic medicine, homeopathic medicine. Onece again I will described about your daily life routine. Never live without routine, get-up early morning, doing yoga at least 1 hour. Don't want to need any medicine for any problems. If you don't know about exercise or yoga go to my yoga page, and see how to use it. Shorterlife is about your, short of life likr that you sleep 10 hour, get-up 19 o clock morning, after fresh you have take a tea or breakfast, after lunch, so what, what is routine, and how long you run from your daily life style, If you think from my opinions look, 
First of all after fresh you take a some glass of water, after do yoga minimume 1 hour, after bathroom from cool water, then your mind is smoothly work, after bath you can take a breakfast, you don't come any illness in your body. 


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